Living Healthier together is our belief through UDC diagnostics. UDC DIAGNOSTICS is the industry leader, trend setter and innovators in Diagnostic industry. A company consisting of more than 60 collection centers and 6 processing units in all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai , suburban areas and also from other districts of Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat.
UDC DIAGNOSTICS is a unique combination of Excellence in Pathology and Molecular divisions that has created new benchmarks in the diagnostic industry. With a vast network, it has a capacity to process thousands of day to day investigations and hundreds of hormone specialized tests investigations per day in its current facilities. This unique, single laboratory model could take on the entire city market, using its innovative and intelligent logistics. It believes that by having centralized operations the same standards of quality control and accuracy in reporting can be maintained with a backend prowess in IT, the web server controlled operations deliver reports every morning in every part of the city or district.


UDC plays a pivotal role in raising the bar of diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience and research driven empathetic service in the industry. Using a road transport driven logistics for incoming specimens, the laboratory provides one of the fastest service in the diagnostic industry. We offer a range of over 1,400 pathology investigations, spanning from routine investigations, panels for preventive health check-ups, pre-admission and pre-operative panels, PCR investigations as well as Next Generation Sequencing. Quality is paramount for UDC Diagnostics and we perform our investigations by proven technologies provided by international companies such as Roche, Abbott, Thermo Fisher and Beckman Coulter, Diasys, Horiba. Each of our labs are staffed with experienced pathologists as well as trained staff. Each sample is bar coded to avoid any pre analytical errors. We have extensive logistics network in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik where we can service all your needs. We provide 24x7 services and logistics to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai , suburban areas and also for other districts in Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat..

ACCREDITATIONS: UDC Diagnostics is honoured with NABL, ICMR and ISO Accreditations.


To provide physicians and their patients, accurate and timely diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic information.


To be a premier healthcare provider in every community and region that we serve.

Principles & Values


Our unwavering commitment to conduct medical & business practices with the highest ethical standards, respect for others, & as responsible members of our locally supported communities is clearly recognized by our clients, patients, & employees.


We recognize that we are here to serve others. And the best way to serve is through understanding the needs of our clients' and patients' and holding ourselves accountable to satisfying those needs with compassion and excellence.


We encourage ourselves to take responsibility and to be proactive in the identification, recommendation, and execution of improvements in the delivery of products and services to our clients for the creation of unsurpassed care to patients.


With our collective knowledge and our passion for learning, we are dedicated to creating and nurturing an environment of professional development and continuous improvement.


We follow good laboratory practices and medical ethics for providing high quality, accurate, reliable and timely clinical investigations to ensure patient satisfaction.